A photograph of Chilean fisherment sorting a pile of live sea urching by size.

Sea Urchin Roe - Uni - Erizo de mar

A Delicious Delicacy From The Ocean

Chilean Uni (Sea Urchin Roe) has a wonderful sweet briny flavor as if you were eating the ocean an ocean breeze with a creamy soft texture that leaves a smooth richness on your tongue. I once heard a person compare eating uni to kissing a mermaid.


The species of sea urchin harvested in Chile is Loxechinus albus. It is amazing to watch the artisanal fishermen at work in this fishery. Usually two to four men head out on a small outboard boat with a compressor. The boat is anchored and one or more fishermen prepare to dive. The most important job on the boat is running the compressor which supplies the divers with oxygen while diving. The fishermen enter the water and head to the ocean floor where the search begins. They pick up the urchin and place them into netted bags. Once their bag is full they connect it to a rope haning off the boat give it a tug and the compressor operator hauls it to the surface where it is tied off on the side of the boat to allow the sea urchin to remain in the ocean. The fishermen then return to port and load the urchin into crates for delivery to processors.


Pack size 100gx10x10

A photograph of a chilean sea urchin species loxechinus albus with the top removed showing the roe (uni) that is inside.


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