Salmon Sheets

A Great Salmon Innovation

Made from premium grade skinless and boneless fillets with the fat line removed our Salmon Sheets are the best value added salmon product to hit the market in a long time.


It is impossible to replicate this item in a restaurant setting especially to such consistent standards without prohibitive labor costs. In addition the ease of use of these sheets is amazing. You do not have to fillet a salmon, deep skin it, remove the pin bones and then attempt to slice the fillet in such a uniform shape. All you need to do is thaw the salmon sheets, easily divide the layers and they are ready for use.

Package weight 480 g

8 sheets per package 60 g each

Sheet Dimensions 11 cm x 17.5 cm

(4.3 inches x 6.9 inches)

Species: Salmo Salar

Salmon Sheet instructions along with an image of sushi rolls made with salmon and octopus sheets.


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