A photograph of a group of salmon swimming together.

Salmon Carpaccio

Amazing Carpaccio Ready To Plate

For a light refreshing starter, or even a main course, our Salmon Carpaccio is an excellent choice. With bright flavors and a slight lemony zing it will tantalize the taste buds of your customers.

The ingredients are simple, just salmon, salt, rosemary (a natural antioxidant), onion extract, garlic and lemon.


Each vacuum packed package contains five portions of 80 grams each. Each portion contains 7 slices 8 centimeters in diameter and approximately 0.1 centimeter in thickness. Each slice of Salmon weighs approximately 12-14 grams. Preparation is simple, just quickly thaw, plate and garnish. Virtually all labor is removed compared to producing Carpaccio by hand and with precise serving size cost control is consistent for each serving.


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A photograph of salmon carpaccio salad with salmon carpaccio, capers, mozzarella cheese, olive oil and lettuce


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