Langostino Lobster Scramble Melt Sandwich Recipe

A photograph of a breakfast sandwich with langostino lobster, scrambled egss with melted cheese on a brioche bun.

Breakfast With Scrambled Eggs & Langostino


Tired of the same old breakfast this Chilean langostino lobster scramble melt sandwich recipe is a great new option. The combination of langostino, butter, eggs, cheese and a nice toasted bun make for a scrumptious breakfast treat.


Serves 4




8 oz Seatech Chilean Langostino Meat

4 brioche buns

8 eggs

8 oz mild cheddar cheese (shredded)

1 sticks of unsalted butter




Melt butter in a small to medium saute pan. When butter is melted turn heat to medium low and add langostino meat and stir to coat langostino with butter. While langostino is warming butter brioche buns and grill until golden brown. Next scramble eggs in a large fry pan. When eggs are almost cooked cover with cheese and cover pan with a lid until the cheese is just melted. Place the brioche buns on four plates. Place an even amount of langostino on each bun then place an even amount of scrambled eggs over the crab and serve immediately.


Serving Suggestions:


Add sliced green onions to the scrambled eggs

Serve with fresh cut fruit

Serve country potatoes



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