Langostino Lobster Sliders Recipe

A photograph of a Chilean langostino lobster slider.

Aioli & Langostino Lobster


These langostino lobster sliders are simple to prepare yet pack amazing taste. The lemon Aioli plays perfectly with the sweet briney flavor of the Langostino lobster meat in this delicious slider.




For the Aioli


1/2 Cup Mayonnaise

1 tsp finely grated grated lemon zest

1 Tbsp fresh squeezed lemon juice

1 garlic clove, crushed

salt & white pepper to taste


For the Sliders


1 pound langostino lobster meat

8 brioche rolls

2 stalks of celery diced

1 Tbsp chives diced





In a bowl mix together mayonnaise, lemon zest and crushed garlic blending well. Add salt and black pepper to taste. Split rolls butter inside halves and grill until lightly brown. Place the langostino meat, celery and chives in a large bowl and gently blend in the lemon aioli. Divide langostino mixture among the eight rolls and serve.


Serving Suggestions:


Serve with chips

Serve with chowder

Use plain mayonnaise instead of aioli



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