Chilean Crab Claw Meat

Delicious Plump Morsels Of Crab Meat

Packed from fresh cooked crab our Chilean crab claw meat has a naturally sweet, briny flavor of the sea. By handpicking we maintain all the natural flavor and delicate texture of the crab meat. By vacuum packing prior to freezing we better protect the cellular structure of the crab meat resulting in a superior product.


Only small artisanal vessels are allowed to work the fishery. In addition to this the fishery is closely managed by the Chilean Department of Fisheries which means a stable and sustainable industry for the family boat owners that ply the inshore seas off the Coast of Chile.


• All Natural no additives or preservatives just cooked crab meat

• Sustainable

• Best to blend with Dungeness crab meat

• Claw meat included in our pack

• Higher ratio of claw & leg meat to shoulder meat

• Best pack for portion control with our one pound pack

• Best pack for quality control with our one pound pack

• Lower water content than most other crab meat leading to better recovery

• Pasteurized for enhanced food safety

• Great flavor profile


Pack size: 12X1 Lb.


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A photograph of cooked Chilean crab claw meat.


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