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Cold Smoked Salmon

Perfect Portions 25 Grams Slices

Seatech's vacuum packed cold smoked salmon is produced from skinless and boneless premium salmon fillets from which the fat line has been removed. Beech wood, the wood used in traditional European smoked salmon, is used in the smoking process.


Each exact slice of our cold smoked salmon weighs 25 grams which gives you great portion control.


Cold smoked salmon is often referred to as lox, nova salmon as well as gravlax. Lox is curred salmon without smoking, nova salmon is cured cold smoked salmon from Nova Scotia and gravlax is cured salmon that includeds dill yet not cold smoked. Our cold smoked salmon can be used in place of all these items.


Serving suggestions:


• Bagels and cream cheese

• Wrapped with cream cheese and capers

• With creme fraiche and caviar over toast

• Sushi

• Eggs Bennedict

• Appetizers

• Pasta

• Scrabled eggs and omelets

• Salads


Pack Size24 X 100g, 12 X 200g, 12 X 400g


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A photograph of cold smoked salmon on crostinni with salmon mouse and caviar


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