Chilean Shrimp Greek Pitas

Seatech Chilean shrimp, red onion, cucumbers, avocado, sweet peppers, cucumbers, dill, Greek yogurt, lemond juice.

A Delicious Starter Or Meal


The natural sweet briny flavor of the sea and tender yet firm texture of the Chilean shrimp meat are so amazing in this Greek pita recipe.




10 oz. Chilean Shrimp Meat

1/2 cup cucumber, peeled, seeded and diced

1 avocado, cubed

1/2 cup Cherry tomatoes, sliced in half

1/2 cup mini sweet peppers, seeded and chopped

1/2 cup feta cheese

1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt

2 tsp fresh dill removed from the stems plus a few sprigs for garnish

1 tsp dried oregano

Juice from half a lemon, about 1 Tbsp

salt and pepper to taste




Place the yogurt, lemon juice, oregano and the dill removed from the stems in a mixing bowl and blend together. Add the cucumber, avocado, cherry tomatoes and sweet peppers and blend together. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Divide the mixture placing the same amount on each of the pita. Divide the shrimp among the pita, sprinkle feta over the shrimp as well as the remaining dill.


Serving Suggestions:


Serve with Greek fries

Serve with Greek salad


Serves 5



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