Chilean Mussels


Chilean Mussels

Mussels the new clam

Seatech farm raised mussels (Mytilus chilensis) are raised in the crisp clean waters off the coast of Southern Chile. Whole mussels, half shell mussels and mussel meat are precooked and quickly frozen to preserve the fresh flavor and nutrients.


Mussels continue to increase in popularity on across the country. This flavorful, inexpensive quality protein can generate great margins for your restaurant. Flex Mussels, a restaurant chain in New York, specializes in mussels where they have 22 variations on their menu and rotating specials as well.




Mussel Meat

Count: 45-90/Lb. | 90-136/Lb. | 136-227/Lb.

Master 10x1 Lb. | 5x2 Lb. | 1x20 Lb.


Half Shell

Count: 18-27/Lb. | 27-36/Lb. | 36-45/Lb.

Master: 10x2 Lb. | 1x20 Lb.


Whole Mussels

Flavors: Natural | Butter & Garlic | White Wine | Tomato

Count: 18-27/Lb. | 22-32/Lb. | 27-36/Lb.

Master: 5x2 Lb. | 10x1 Lb.


Certifications & Ratings


Seafood Watch: Best Choice

Ocean Wise: Recommended

Friend of The Sea

Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP)

BRC Global Standards

International Featured Standards Food



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Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Best Choice.
Ocean Wise Sustainable Recommended.
Friend Of The Sea Certified Sustainable.
Best Aquaculture Practices Certified.
BRC Global Standadards Rated.
IFS Food Certified.

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