Chilean King Crab Steak Oscar Recipe

A photograph of Chilean king crab steak oscar.

King Crab At Its Finest


The combination of Seatech's Chilean King Crab Meat, a perfectly grilled steak and bearnaise sauce make for an amazingly delicious meal. You can either make your own bearnaise sauce or purchase a mix such as Knorr's Classic Bearnaise Sauce.






1 pound Seatech Chilean King Crab Meat

4 of your favorite steaks

1 stick unsalted butter

salt & pepper

any other desired seasonings for your steak

Bearnaise Sauce


1 Tbsp fresh tarragon leaves chopped

1 shallot minced

1/4 cup champagne vinegar or white wine vinegar

1/4 cup dry white wine

3 egg yolks

1 tick unsalted butter, melted

slat & pepper




Prepare the bearnaise sauce either from recipe or with packaged mix. For the recipe combine in a small sauce pan the tarragon, shallot, vinegar and wine over medium high heat. Simmer until reduced by half and remove from heat setting aside to cool. Blend egg yolks and the reduction together in a blender on the low setting. With the blender still running slowly add about a third of the butter. When emulsified, turn up the speed and slowly poor in the remaining butter. Season with salt and pepper and set aside in a warm place to hold.


Generously season the steaks with salt, pepper and any other herbs you like to cook steaks with. Grill, broil or pan fry your steaks to the desired doneness. While steaks are cooking melt 1 stick up butter in a sauce pan on low to medium heat. When melted place the king crab meat in the pan and poach the king crab meat until warmed through holding on warm.


Place steaks on plates and allow to rest. Divide the king crab and top on steaks. Ladle bearnaise sauce over steaks and serve immediately.


Serving Suggestions:


Serve with a nice green salad

Serve with a baked potato

Serve with a mix of fresh vegetables



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