A photograph of live Chilean king crab, also known as centolla, in a crab trap.

Chilean King Crab Meat

A Beautiful Delicious Crab Meat

Our Chilean King Crab Meat (Lithodes Antarcticus / Santolla) is packed from crab caught in ice cold pure ocean waters off the coast of southern Chile. The brilliant bright red and pure white colors of the meat, its naturally sweet briny succulent flavor, and wonderful texture is an epicurean delight. Chilean King Crab Meat is packed with merus meat layered over, claw meat, broken leg meat and large whole pieces of shoulder meat in our one pound vacuum packed tray. Our pack is single frozen which maintains the top quality of fresh picked meat. For additional information download our spec sheet, send us an email or give us a call.


Pack size: 12X1 Lb


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A photograph of Chilean king crab meat also referred to as santolla or centolla crab meat.


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