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Argentine Red Shrimp

A premium wild caught shrimp



Raw P&D Argentine Red Shrimp


Whole Argentine Red Shrimp



Ocean Kitchen Argentine Red Shrimp have a wonderful texture and flavor. Many food bloggers have raved about this unique shrimp caught in the South Atlantic Ocean. It is described as having a dense texture with a sweet, buttery lobster like flavor. They have also been described as similar to spot prawns. The meat when cooked is bright white with brilliant red coloring. Great for use in all your recipes that require shrimp. The texture, flavor and color profiles will showcase well with your culinary skills.

No Sodium Tripolyphoshate (STP) Used

Our shrimp is a dry pack that does not include STP. It is almost impossible to find shrimp on the market today that does not contain STP which is a chemical that causes the retention of added water to seafood products. This negatively impacts not only the flavor and texture but you also pay for weight of the added water in products that have been soaked in STP.

Now you can order this wonderful shrimp online from FishEx Quality Foods.

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  • Brand: Ocean Kitchen
  • Form: Raw Whole, Raw HLSO, Raw PTO and RAW PUD
  • Count: See Below
  • Pack size: See Below
  • Product of : Argentina
  • Species: Pleoticus Muelleri
  • No STP added
  • Wild caught Sustainable
  • Ingredients: Shrimp, Water, Sodium Metabisulfite
    (USA: INS 223)*

* Sodium metabisulfite (USA: INS 223) used to prevent melanosis.

PACK SIZE: Whole Head On 6X2Kg COUNT: 10-20/Kg, 21-30/Kg and 31-40/Kg

PACK SIZE: Headless Shell-on 6X2Kg Count: < 39/Lb, 32-45/Lb and 46-68/Lb

PACKSIZE: Raw P&D Meat 10X2# COUNT: 10-20/Lb, 21-30/Lb and 31/40/Lb

PACK SIZE: Peeled Tail On 10X2# COUNT: 10-20/Lb, 21-30/Lb and 31/40/Lb

Download Spec Sheet here Raw P&D Meat Link to specification sheet for Argentine red shrimp meat P&D raw

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