Argentine Red Shrimp Poor Boy

A photograph of an Argentine red shirmp poor boy on fresh french bread with lightly fried shrimp, lettuce, tomatoe mayo and mustard.

The Best Shrimp Poor Boy You Will Ever Eat


The sweet lobster like flavor and firm texture of the Argentine red shrimp shrimp is key to this incredible poor boy. Once you try this all others will pail in comparisons. You want to have a very thin layer of breading to let this shrimp really shine. In combination  the fried Argentine red shrimp, fresh baked French bread, crisp lettuce, perfectly ripe tomatoes and the seasoned mustard mayo you end up with a delicious meal.




1 1/4 pounds Argentine red shrimp peeled and deveined

4 6 inch lengths par-baked French bread

2 Tbsp unsalted butter

1 large tomatoe sliced thin

salt and pepper to taste

2/3 cup of mayonnaise

2 Tbsp of Dijon or brown mustard

cayenne pepper to taste

a few dashes of hot sauce

1/2 cup milk

1 egg beaten

1 cup bread crumbs

1/2 cup flour

Romaine lettuce




Heat oven to 350⁰. Butter insides of the French bread and place in the oven on a baking sheet crust side down. Bake until bread crust turns slightly brown and butter melts.


Meantime heat about 3 inches Canola oil in medium sauce pan until it reaches approximately 360⁰. In a shallow bowl combine a whisked egg and milk. Combine bread crumbs with salt and pepper and mix. Lightly coat the shrimp with flour, then coat with the egg mixture and then coat with the bread crumb mixture.


Place the breaded shrimp into heated oil a few at a time, cook for 2 - 3 minutes and then place on a paper towel to drain away any extra oil. Repeat until all the shrimp are cooked.


In a small bowl combine mayonnaise, mustard, hot sauce and cayenne pepper.




Serving Suggestions:


For a little kick add horseradish cream sauce

Use sun dried tomatoes instead of fresh


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