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Since 1982, Seatech Corporation has supplied the highest quality seafood to the wholesale trade in North America. We specialize in seafood from South America. Our featured items include Chilean crab meat, king crab meat, Langostino meat, Chilean shrimp meat, value added salmon products, Argentine red shrimp and various other seafood products. We pack under our Seatech and Ocean Kitchen brands which are known for excellence in quality. Three generations of the Wendt family, starting with Ivar, have built our reputation of honesty and top quality products. Give us a call or send an email with any questions you may have.

New Retail Packaging On Its Way


New Chilean rock crab meat retail packaging for our one pound pack.

Facing supply and price issues with Dungeness crab meat look to Seatech's Chilean crab meat pack to seamlessly blend with Dungeness to bring down plate costs. For over 30 years our customers have used our crab meat to blend with Dungeness with great success. I won't name names but you may find it surprising to find out the high caliber restaurants that have done this. Dungeness crab meat processors also make a blend pack with our crab meat. The flavor profile is closer to Dungeness than other cab meat packs. Once blended most people will not be able to tell the difference especially when it comes to value added items such as crab cakes. It is simple, to bring your costs back under control add our crab meat to your Dungeness.


  • Flavor profile closest to Dugeness
  • Packed from fresh cooked crab
  • Claw meat included in the pack
  • All natural no additives or perservatives
  • Lower water content than other packs
  • Best pack for potion control
  • Best pack for quality control
  • Pasteurized for enhanced food safety
  • Sustainable Artisanal fishery

Now is a great time to give us a call (425) 835-0312 or send an email to get more information and see how Seatech's Chilean crab meat can help revive your crab meat sales.


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