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Seatech brand cooked salmon on toast with caviar

Cooked Salmon with a slight smoky kiss


Seatech Corporation, a family run business, has been supplying high quality seafood products since 1982 specializing in South American products. Today Seatech packs an array of items under its Seatech and Ocean Kitchen labels as well as private labels for our customers.

Seatech, through in country quality control, coordinates processing from the time of delivery to the plant until it is packed in refer containers for export to worldwide markets. Our product line includes Chilean Shrimp Meat, Chilean Langostino, South American King Crab, Chilean Loco, Argentine Red Shrimp and other such products. Visit our product page for additional information.

Strictly enforced HACCP plans and frequent plant inspections maintain our quality edge and the introduction of new products keeps Seatech in the forefront of the seafood industry.